Executive Coaching

Executive coaching or Leadership coaching. What is it ?

Business leaders often face many challenges and pressure which can make their jobs difficult and stressful. Executive coaching focuses on developing or improving skills and abilities necessary to take their business to the next level. Executive coaching is a one to one experience and can be used for a period of several months or for a longer commitment in order to achieve specific goals or objective.

Why Business owners, executives or CEOs need coaching ?

The role of business leaders is to lead and oversee strategic directions, growth and success of a company

Develop Leadership Skills

This is essential to lead a team to success. We will identify strengths and weaknesses and develop abilities to become more effective in the role

Work-life Balance

Many ceo or top executive struggle to achieve work-life balance. Executive coaching can also help prioritize their time, delegate effectively and set boundaries to achieve this balance

Improve performance

Executive coaching can help business owners or CEO to identify areas that need improvement and develops effective strategies to achieve their goals.

Manage Change

Change happens all the time in businesses. Wether it's an organizational changes, mergers or restructuring, coaching can help them manage change effectively.

Coaching for success

Key statistics on the benefits of executive coaching

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ROI from executive coaching *

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Organizations that had an executive coaching said they would repeat the process again**

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say that the value of executive and leadership coaching is « considerably greater » or « far greater » than the money and time invested ***

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coachees improve work performance, relationship and communication. ****

Frequently Asked Questions

According to some study, the ROI of an executive coaching is about 500 to 700%. According to a CNBC article, the success of Google and Apple is linked to their business coach  Bill Campbell 

This question is very difficult because it depend on multiple factors such as what is the current situation and what are the goal ? how committed he will be ? like everyday’s life, there are people who make big improvements in a very short time, other who will need more time. Everybody is different. 

In Mauritius, an executive coaching should be anywhere from 3000 to 10 000 rs/per hour. Price depends on the coach’s experience, skills, quantity of sessions, how many sessions per months…

Confidentiality is a key element between the coach and the client and it needs to be maintained during and after the whole coaching process. Creating this safe environment allows the client to freely express himself and address his coaching and developmental requirements. Any details or conversation during theses sessions won’t be disclosed to a third party. The coachee and I will set the boundaries of confidentiality at the first meeting and I will make sure to respect what we have agreed.

There are professional criteria such as coach’s experience, certifications or  working process. 
There are also subjective criteria. During coaching sessions, you have to open up, discuss personnal and professional concerns, show your strengths but also your weaknesses ; your coach will become someone you trust, so it’s important to feel comfortable and have a good feeling with him. You will probably have an idea if it’s a perfect match after the first meeting.   

There are 3 different type of coaching in my Business Coaching program. In addition to Executive coaching, there are also  
Coaching for managers
Team coaching
I also offer services like :
– Soft skills training
– Team building
– Conferences & Workshops
Feel free to contact me if you have a specific request.

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