Team Coaching

"Great things in business are never done by one person ; they're done by a team of people"
Steve Jobs

Teamwork is the key to achieving success in any given organisation. What happens when a team isn’t functioning at its full potential ? Results, communication and motivation are not really present : that’s where team coaching comes in. We’ll explorer the benefits of team coaching and how it can help your team to face challenges and achieve their goals. 

Why a team needs to be coached ?

In a competitive environment, A high performing team can make the difference and a team coaching can help.

Improve Communication

Effective communication is essential by reducing misunderstandings, resolving conflicts, providing feedback or listening actively. I will improve team member to communicate more effectively

Enhance Collaboration

Team coaching can help achieve more significants results and overcome challenges by building trust, helping establish clear roles and responsibilities, developing shared goals and working together on the core values of the company

Increase Performance

A coach can identify strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvements and implementing targeted strategies for more performance.

Improve Job Satisfaction

When team members feel supported, heard and valued, it increases their personnal satisfaction. When people are happy to be part of a team, it motivate them to do their best.

Coaching for success

Key statistics on the benefits of a coaching

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Individuals who received a coaching, noticed improvements in their work performance, relationship and effective communication skills *

0 %

Organizations plan to increase their coaching investment in the future**

0 %

Organizations that saw an ROI  on their coaching engagement ***

0 %

Respondents at a Fortune 500 company indicated that coaching has a significant impact on at least one of nine business measure****

* *


**** Merrill C. Anderson, PhD, MetrixGlobal, LLC

How does a team coaching work ?


  • Define a clear global objective.
  • What are the needs and desire
  • Define an action plan to achieve the objective
  • Discuss any potential concerns during the coaching process


  • Define an objective for each sessions
  •  work on strengths, weaknesses and any necessary skills to achieve the objective
  • Evaluate progress toward the goal or objective


  • Strategic exercices such as SWOT analysis
  • Communication exercices such as role-playing, active listening…
  • Time management exercices such as tracking their work time 
  • and more …


  • Assessment pre coaching and the progress made post coaching
  •  Feedback on the necessity for additional sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Team coaching is a process that helps a group of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal. The coach will help the team to improve its performance by identifying any issues or challenges that may be hindering its progress.

The coach may work with the entire team or he can work with individual team members. It depends on the needs. The goal of the coaching is to help the team to work more effectively, improve communication and collaboration between them. If the coach need to have a one to one session with one of the members, he will do. 

A team coach can help you if : 

  • You feel that your team doesn’t do their best work
  •  There are conflicts between team members
  • There is a new leader in charge
  • The team is difficult to manage and the manager doesn’t know how to motivate them
  • a weak member of the team need help and support
and more …. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. 

A team coaching in Mauritius is from 2000 rs to 10 000 rs. It depends on multiple factors such as experience, skilled but also the work background. 

There are 3 different type of coaching in my Business Coaching program. In addition to team coaching, there are also  

– Coaching for managers

– Executive coaching

I also offer services like :

– Soft skills training

– Team building

– Conferences & Workshops

Feel free to contact me if you have a specific request.

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Elevate Performance through Team Coaching

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