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Who I am and how can I help you achieve your goals

Tania BENNETT - Business Coach Mauritius

I was born and bred in Mauritius in a multi-language & multi-cultural environment.

After the baccalaureat I left Mauritius to pursue my education, first in Reunion Island and then in Paris where I obtained a Master’s degree in International Finance from Pantheon-Assas Paris 2.

Since 2020 I am also a certified coach from the “Haute Ecole de Coaching” in Paris with an expertise in executive coaching and team coaching.

After 18 years of experience working for two major players in the finance industry in Europe (Rothschild HDF investment solutions & BNP Paribas Securities services) where I held several positions such as Middle officer, Client service manager, product developer, I moved back to Mauritius with my family.

During my years of working in the finance industry, I have acquired a solid experience of working with people from all walks of life from different part of the world & multi-cultural organisations, on several projects and within organisations having a strong corporate culture.

I also have a broad view of challenges that can be faced by small businesses and larger institutions whilst trying to deliver the best service possible for customers.

I use coaching and training skills to help entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO & their organisations define their vision & strategy, develop their leadership skills and build a strong company culture.

I also support teams and operational managers in developing the best way to work together towards the same goals, embrace change management & develop their communication skills within the company but also with clients & service providers.

In addition, I deliver consulting services and training in customer service management in an agile mode, leveraging on a solid experience servicing institutional clients in Europe. 


Business Coaching - Tania BENNETT - executive coach

I believe human resources are the best asset to a company and is the key to a more sustainable growth in businesses on the long run.