Coaching for Managers

You are not born a manager, you BECOME a manager

It is extremely challenging to be a manager. A manager has to deal with multiple responsibilities, lead one or several teams, make strategic decisions, manage budgets and company’s goals. I often hear people say that managers don’t know how to communicate with their teams, that they have difficult employees or that he doesn’t know how to solve the conflict. To be a good manager, it’s important to develop leadership skills, to be empathetic, to know how to motivate, inspire & empower people towards the same goal. For some people, these skills are natural, for others it’s not at all natural. A coaching for manager is an excellent way to acquire some of these skills & tools to become a better manager. 

Why managers need coaching ?

The role of managers is to lead people & teams to work towards achieving the  company’s mission & objectives

Develop Leadership Skills

This is essential for effective management. We will explore and level-up other skills such as communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, delegation and more...

Improve team performance

You can't expect great results if you don't work as a team. Managers needs to know how to motivate and inspire their teammates. Coaching can help managers and employees to achieve a common goal.

Develop Growth

Managers needs to know what are their strengths and weaknesses. Lead them to a greater self-awareness, confidence and growth in all areas of life, that's my mission.

Organizational success

Success is also about having great employees. By improving managers's leadership and managements skills, you will get better business performance, less turnover , better motivation within the employees . .

Coaching for success

Key statistics on the benefits of a coaching for managers

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Individuals who received a coaching, noticed improvements in their work performance, relationship and effective communication skills *

0 %

Organizations plan to increase their coaching investment in the future**

0 %

Organizations that saw an ROI  on their coaching engagement ***

0 %

Respondents at a Fortune 500 company indicated that coaching has a significant impact on at least one of nine business measure****

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**** Merrill C. Anderson, PhD, MetrixGlobal, LLC

In real life, how does a coaching for manager work ?


  • Define a clear global objective.
  • What are the needs and desire
  • Define an action plan to achieve the objective
  • Discuss any potential concerns during the coaching process


  • Define an objective for each sessions
  •  work on strengths, weaknesses and any necessary skills to achieve the objective
  • Evaluate progress toward the goal or objective 


  • Strategic exercices such as SWOT analysis, the eisenhower matrix
  • Communication & time management exercises
  • practical steps & actions to be tested between our sessions. 
  • and more …


  • Assessment pre coaching and the progress made post coaching
  •  Feedback on the necessity for additional sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching for managers involves one to one sessions between a manager and a coach. During these sessions, they will work together to evaluate the current situation they are facing, help identify any opportunities or growth and create actionable steps to achieve desired objectives. This process helps managers to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and how they can use existing resources to achieve professional success.

A coaching for manager can help if you are in one of these following situations : 

  • When you are struggling with a specific issue : conflicts, communications…
  • When you’d like to improve your leadership skills
  • When you are transitioning into a new position
  • When you are seeking a new position in your organization or a new company

The length of a coaching depends on multiple factors such as the manager’s goals, needs and preferences, what is the frequency between sessions… Coaching usually takes between 3 to 6 months. But it’s not uncommon to have a longer coaching engagements because of the achievements of the final objective.

The coaching session can be scheduled in person, either in the company’s meeting room either somewhere off the workplace. Sessions can be also online with conferencing software such as Zoom or Google meet and by Phone.  

The price depends on multiple factors such as the coach’s experience, his certifications, length of sessions, how many sessions…  Generally the average price of a coaching for manager can be anywhere from 2000 rs to 10 000/per hour

There are 3 different type of coaching in my Business Coaching program. In addition to coaching for managers, there are also  

– executive coaching

– Team coaching

I also offer services like :

– Soft skills training

– Team building

– Conferences & Workshops

Feel free to Contact me if you have a specific request.

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